Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toys Galore!

As an obsessive compulsive cleaner I meticulously put away toys at the end of a long hard play day with the help of my loving husband. I organize according to type of toy, soft and rubbery blocks are placed into the same cubby organizer. The alphabet train is organized by color, and the puzzle pieces are returned to their place and join the cubby organizer in their own little square. Stuffed animals are arranged on top by size and use, along side the refrigerator set that also has all of the pots, spoons, and plastic food placed inside. Books are repositioned on the bookshelf and her tunnel and castle are broken down and placed in the closet.

I know it sounds crazy, but its what I do. Some can't help but attempt order even amongst the chaos. Although I can achieve this heavenly order for a small amount of time, I am not ridiculous in believing it will stay even remotely similar to its glorious end of the day organization!

However, chasing my nearly 18 month old daughter around our home makes for less than impeccable conditions to keep dolls, blocks, and light up walkers from gathering throughout the entire room. I realized this fact today as I got up to make breakfast reached into my fridge to grab the milk and I found an alphabet block. Sleepily I felt it, molded it around in my hand, and focused my eyes just enough to get a good laugh about retrieving an orange alphabet block instead of milk. What can I say, you know your a mom when!